• Dance by the Light of the Moon,oil,18x24 inches

  • The Shaman, The Prophacy, and the Buffalo Master,oil, 24x36 inch

  • Moonlight

  • Dust of Many Hooves,oil,16x20 ins.

  • Galahad Guenevere, oil, 24x36 inches

  • His Master’s Voice, oil, 24x36 ins.

  • My Buddy, MyPal, andMyFriend,oil, 20x30 in

  • When Yer Rich and Huntin’ Romance, oil,16x20 ins.

  • Allies of the wind and grass and fire oil, 36x48 inches

  • Both Ends Against the Middle, oil, 16x20 inches

  • Dream Catcher, oil, 9x12 inches

  • Kings Go Forth,oil on board, 30x40 inches

  • The Bow Lance, oil, 28x40 inches

  • The Buffalo Shaman,oil on board, 26x39 inches

  • The Concord, oil, 24x36 inches

  • The Joy of Youth,oil,24x36 inches

  • The Luckless Hunters, oil, 16x20 inches

  • The War Council, oil, 24x36 inches

  • what waits out there

  • Wherein The Great Spirit Dwells, oil, 20x30 inches

Welcome to the Art of Dan Mieduch

Dan Mieduch is a representational painter of the people and history of the American West. His subjects range from historic figures to contemporary working cowboys. From mythology and customs of the native hunting cultures of the Plains to myriad of bawdy characters who came to seek fortune, and adventure and to call the place home.

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